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Article 1

These harbour regulations rule for all of the Harbour area which includes marina, all belonging parking lots and fields and all buildings on the terrain.

Article 2

Anyone residing in the harbour area is obliged to follow any directions given by the harbourmaster or companyowner Helenawerf watersport Personnel Have the authority to remove from- or deny entry to the harbor area to anyone who will not follow orders, anyone who will not due certain payments Or any one who is disturbing the normal cause of events.

Article 3

Everyone in the harbour area will be expected to be calm, proper and orderly, to take care of the safety and to prevent their behaviour from causing disturbance. It is not permitted in the harbour area to
  1. Produce disturbing or loud noises (this doesn’t include sounds resulting from events in the harbour area that are being held with consent from the harbourmaster or other company owners;
  1. To pollute the harbour area with waste products (which includes the contents of board toilets and pet droppings) oil, bilge water etc.;
  1. Leave a pet unleashed;
  1. Use drinking water for cleaning boats and cars.
  1. have engines running for reasons other then transporting a boat, except when permitted by the harbourmaster or company owner;
  1. use a berth other then agreed on or indicated by the harbourmaster or company owner;
  1. navigate in the harbour under full sail or with unsafe or disturbing speed;
  1. moor the vessel in an untidy way or leave it in a neglected condition;
  1. stoke open fire or have a barbecue without permission from the harbourmaster or company owners;
  1. Leave property outside the vessel unattended;
  1. Swim in the harbour area;
  1. Stay the night on a vessel or use the vessel as a (permanent) residence without permission given by the harbourmaster. Offending against one of the from a to m mentioned prohibitions in this article will give the harbourmaster/company owner the right to deny entry to the harbour, the catamaran field, all belonging parking lots and fields and all buildings on the terrain.

Article 4

To remove waste products as mentioned in article 3.2 one needs to consult with the harbourmaster or company owner.

Article 5

A company owner will not be held responsible for any damage caused to persons or goods, neither for lost or theft of goods, except when resulting from an accountable shortcoming of a company owner

Article 6

If the hirer wants to give use of his vessel or berth to a third party, he needs to announce this in writing to the harbourmaster or company owner.

Article 7

During the open or covered on-shore cradle for the winter season it is not permitted , except when permitted by the harbourmaster or company-owner, to: easy flammable substances as gas, benzene or petrol and kerosene to have on board or to use;
  1. the (ship-) heating;
  2. to leave batteries on;
  3. to work on or in the vessel during on-shore cradle;
  4. to change or take away supports.

Article 8

It is prohibited to the hirer, except when permitted by the harbourmaster or company-owner, to use the craft moored in the port or its berth for commercial activities. This includes erecting signs, notices, indications etc. in the port or on the craft.

Article 9

During storage, it is not permitted to:
  1. To perform work on, in or on the vessel ;
  1. to eliminate or move endorse or stop wood;
  1. escape routes, jetties and exits to block;
  1. To smoke in the sheds.
For certain activities only under one the harbor master / yard boss can provide temporary relief. However, fire hazardous work such as welding, grinding, burning and working with open flame in general, be prohibited at all times. Violation of this article gives the harbor master / yard boss the law the offender immediately and indefinitely deny access to the marina / shipyard

Article 10

It is not permitted without the express permission of the harbor master / shipyard boss, making the moored vessel or parked or mooring or storage place as the object of commercial activity. under this latter also includes the sale of the vessel and / or accessories, as well as the application of appropriate signs, announcements and indications.

Article 11

The harbor master / yard boss has the right to shut down the power of the pilots and / or workshops. He is also entitled to restrict access to certain locations.

The General Conditions for renting and letting moorings and/or cradles (for boats and accessories) apply on all contracts; the General Conditions are available at the Harbour office or Harbour Master.

These conditions may be translated from Dutch into another language. In case of discrepancy between the texts resulting from translation, the Dutch text will prevail