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Marina 'La Bonne Aventure' is located in the Suburb St. Jacob. Since the early sixties, Helenawerf Watresport located here. Originally a shipyard and boat builder, but the last 20 years into a modern full service water sports company.

Vivian Hendrix, granddaughter of the founder Toon Grummels, together with her partner Roy Smeets since 1993 working in the current company. Vivian is the 3rd generation and followed with Roy her mother in 2004 as owner. Unique for this time. Vivian and Roy are passionate at heart about watersports.

What rules apply to water sports entrepreneurs?

As of 15 December, the possibilities are greatly limited to keep water sports companies open during this lockdown period. Below are the points of attention for the various business activities. In all situations, general precautions must be taken, such as hygiene measures, wearing a mask in publicly accessible indoor areas and preventing crowds. Entrepreneurs have a duty of care to comply.

 The showroom may not remain open to visitors because retail and retail spaces for non-essential goods must be closed. Because financial and business services are allowed, you may receive your customers (max 2) in an office.

The water sports shop may not remain open. It is of course allowed to continue to deliver from your webshop. The collection of goods is also permitted, but at regular intervals and by appointment. Spread the visit of your customers.

Winter storage and ports
As long as the one and a half metre rule is applied, the outdoor storage and port can remain open. The storage in the hall can also remain open, provided that you ensure that there are no more than 30 people in the hall at the same time. A sign-up list or (simple) reservation system will help you do that. During the walk route through the hall, the owners wear a mask and this only goes off if they stay with their own boat.

The port office can remain open for necessary contact and appointments. Make sure that visitors and staff can keep 1.5 meters away and that a mask is worn when walking in the interior. You can spread owners and visitors by only allowing them to meet at the port office by appointment.

Locations for the repair and maintenance of consumer goods, such as water sports companies with yacht service, repair and maintenance, may remain open.
For dealer companies, a good distinction has to be made between 'showing and selling the products', see above the points of attention at Showroom, and the hearing of service/repair.
Only the last is allowed.